Meet Dr Evan Shaw.

Aussie Vet and FleaMail founder!

Like lots of Aussie kids who grow up with animals, Dr Evan used to dream about “one day” becoming a Vet, spending every waking moment with them and saving lives. To travel the world rescuing exotic animals & our most beloved local pets!

So after graduating from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and working for the RSPCA, he did just that – and headed to Africa.

It was here that Dr Evan got to live out his childhood dream of working with some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife.

However, it wasn’t until he returned to Australia, that his life changed.

On April 24th 2016, Dr Evan almost quit:

  • That day, he had to euthanise 16 pets due to completely preventable diseases.
  • That day, he had multiple families break down in clinic.
  • That day, almost broke him.

In his own words on remembering that time: “I signed up to save animals, not kill them”.

Over 46,000 cats & dogs a year (120 a day!)

are admitted to clinics in Australia for serious parasite-related diseases.

Sadly, many don’t make it.

Even worse – most of these cases are completely preventable.

So why isn’t every Aussie pet protected?

“I think our lives are busier than ever these days, and pet owners can easily forget” explains Dr Evan. Counselling devastated pet owners always bought up two main reasons:

1. Not having the right treatments, or
2. Simply forgetting on the due date.

Dr Evan knew there must be a better way and founded FleaMail. He now has a team of Vet nurses & protects thousands of Aussie pets across the country!


Forget to administer their pet's preventatives on time.


on average only receive 7 of the 12 treatments needed per year.

Don’t let your pet become a statistic.