News and tips from FleaMail’s founding Vet, Dr Evan Shaw.

Ticks, 7 Signs Your Dog Or Cat Has One.

Ticks are everywhere in Australia, and if you live anywhere near the coast, you'll know all about our dreaded paralysis ticks too. And while your dog or cat can get a tick at any time of year (they don't die off or hibernate, see here), September starts official...

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Intestinal Worms, 5 Myths You Need To Know.

Intestinal Worms aren't the most pleasant topic, but every pet owner should be aware of them - along with the other nasty worms Aussie dogs & cats get and the Myths around them. So you can take the necessary steps to ensure your pet (and your hooman family) are...

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Fleas And Ticks, 5 Aussies Myths.

The pet world is full of furfies, and as a Vet, Dr Evan has had to treat hundreds of animals where the information found online has been incorrect. So today we're looking at some of the more “popular myths" regarding fleas, ticks and the treatments that are out there....

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