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Is FleaMail a subscription service, and are there any joining fees?

FleaMail is an Australian wide subscription service run by Aussie Vets, with zero joining fees or contracts. Each month you receive your pet’s parasite treatments by mail which will be debited from your account. To cancel or change your plan, we simply require 14 days notice prior to the delivery date for any order amendments. This includes address changes, pet size changes and cancellations.

What brands do you use?

With FleaMail, our Vets bulk-buy and ship direct for 20%-40% cheaper than pet stores. And importantly, your pet’s prevention is tailored around their age, weight, breed and location.

For dogs: 
– Monthly Simparica liver chew for fleas, ticks and mites.
– Monthly ValuHeart heartworming prevention.
– Every 3 months a Cazitel liver tablet for intestinal, tape, lungworms and giardia

For cats:
– Monthly Advocate or Revolution, your choice.

Only the best Australian products, plus, you’ll never need to worry about missing their protection again!

Does Fleamail cover pups and kittens too?
It sure does! But please be sure to keep our Vets updated with the weight of your pet as they grow, as this will determine their treatments. When you signup you will get your own account area to manage this and we’ll also send you reminders (and tips) on weighting your pet at certain ages.
Are there any delivery fees?
Delivery is free, you just have to live in Australia and have an Australia Post deliverable address.
Do you offer a discount for multiple pets?

We sure do! If you have a few cats, dogs or both (lovely), we’re able to offer a 10%-15% discount to make FleaMail even more affordable. When you start the registration process your discount will be added as you add your pets.

What exactly do I receive in my letterbox?

Each month your bright blue FleaMail envelope will arrive via Australia Post, you can’t miss it! Inside will be a letter to your pets and their individual treatments with their own, named and coded bag so even with a household full of pets you won’t give the wrong treatment. All of our envelopes are water and tamper proof as well as being 100% recyclable.

Do you cover more types of pets?

At this stage we cater purely for dogs and cats, however in the future our Vets will be looking into plans for rabbits, ferrets, birds and horses. If you’ve animals that you’d like to be covered by FleaMail, please tell us by emailing us here: info@fleamail.com.au

The easiest way to protect your pup, kitten, cat or dog against parasites – and cheaper than bulk buying!