FleaMail is developed and run by Australian veterinarians who have seen a need for a faster, easier and more affordable way for people to care for their pets. People today are busy and owing a pet is a big responsibility. We'd just like to make life a bit easier. FleaMail is an Australian based company run by Australian veterinarians, so you can be assured that your pet is getting a treatment plan provided by registered medical professionals. Certainly something you won’t get at a pet store or a supermarket.
Yes there is.... BUT the sign-on fee is a once off $5 and your first month is FREE.

We know everyone likes to test out a new service, so we have made this easier for you for your first month. You can cancel at any time but we are confident you'll love what we can do for you and your pets to make them safe and healthy.

No lock-in contracts - Cancel Anytime

Certainly, who doesn’t like a menagerie? We cater for all cat and dog homes; the more pets you have the more you will save on each one!
We all know that the little ones grow up so fast but few people understand that this is the most important time to treat your pets. We base all treatments for your pets on weight and their individual profile is easily changed and updated as they get bigger. We’ll even send you a reminder to weight your pet at certain ages.
At FleaMail we only use brand name products that are registered for use in Australia and obtained from Australian suppliers. As most pet owners know there are hundreds of different products to chose from and no single product covers everything. In Australia we also have a unique environment and parasite species compared to the rest of the world and to protect against these Australian pets need a more robust protocol.
You’re a good pet owner and have a couple of half packs of treatments at home. When your pet has their free consultation simply tell us when how many months treatment you have left, we'll do the rest.
 So, for example, if you have three months of product left at home from a previous purchase, we can start your membership in 4 months time to make sure your current plan lines up with your new one. This allows for you to get the best value from what you already have and for you to not worry. Your account will not be charged whilst your pet is still on their home treatments.
At this point, no.
FleaMail gives members complete parasite plans to cover all major groups of parasites. As no single product can cover everything properly our veterinarians use closely monitored treatment schedules with a variety of products over the course of a year. This way you can be sure your pet is not only covered but you are also helping combat parasite resistance and no longer over or under treating your pet.

Veterinary scheduled parasite plans.

At a later date we will be opening an online store for flea tick and worming treatment products like medicated shampoos, washes and conditioners as well as home pest control products. Basically, anything to do with parasites and your pets.
Zero, zilch and nothing. Delivery is free, you just have to live in Australia and have an Australia Post deliverable address.
Each month a bright blue mailer will arrive via Australia Post, you can’t miss it! Inside will be a letter to your pets and their individual treatments in their own, named and coded bag so even with a household full of pets you won’t give the wrong treatment. All our mailers are water and tamper proof as well as being 100% recyclable so your pets' treatments are safe..

Lookout for the big blue mailer in the post.

We mail out straight away after you sign up so it will be at your pet’s home generally within 5 days. Then, your treatments are delivered on the same day each month. We will give you a handy, dated fridge magnet to hold your pet's treatments should they arrive a bit earlier than their administration day.
Unfortunately, no.
We find that pets lives change frequently as your pet's plan is dependant on their weight, location and veterinary history. For this reason a fair few of our members needs vary over the course of their pet's life. You change your pet's details, in our member section, as they grow and change throughout their life as well as easily upgrading or downgrading their plans. 

Easily up or down-grade your pet's plan

We debit your card after you have received your free consultation with one of our medical professionals and your pet has been approved as a FleaMail member. Then, your card will be debited 10 days before your pet’s monthly treatments are due.

Simple, automated and affordable direct debit.

We know you are going to love what we do and how easy it is but if it’s just not for you or your pet, that’s totally okay. You can cancel anytime, you’re not locked in to anything and if we haven’t sent you your treatment for that month yet you will be refunded for that as well. There is no cancelation fee.

No lock in contracts, cancel anytime.

At FleaMail we know that some treatments for dogs can make your cat very, very sick. These treatments, specifically permethrins and cyphenothrins, are not stocked by FleaMail so you never have to worry. All our treatments, if given accidentally to either cats or dogs, have a very wide range of tolerance.
Some Collie breeds can also carry a gene that make it harder for them to process some treatments. Any product we use that contains any of the macrocyclic lactone family of drugs (selemectin, ivermectin, etc) has been well established and registered to be safe in Collie breeds. If you have any questions regarding this or if you know your pet is reactive to these types of drugs already, please ask your medical professional when they call for your free consultation.
We also individually name and package your pet’s treatments so even if you have a menagerie, you won’t get confused.

Just the best veterinary care for your best mate.

At this point we are only cater for for dogs and cats. In the future we will be adding to this to treat rabbits, ferrets, birds and horses. So keep an eye out and if you subscribe to our mailing list we will let you know when this happens.

The best coverage for your cat or dog.

We know that kids like to explore and put weird things in their mouths. That is why we send you exactly what you need each month so you don’t have bulk veterinary medicines in the home. We also know (from experience) that dogs and cats are the same as kids but with a far greater sense of smell and they really like to get into everything. So don’t worry. Once your pet has been treated there is nothing for them to find in your house to get to, so you don’t have to worry about it ever again.

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