Tick season is about to explode, is your pet protected? 

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The Gold Coast has one of the highest concentrations of paralysis ticks in Australia. Local vets are treating approx. 35 animals each week, with critical care costing over $1,500. 

FleaMail makes it easy & affordable to protect your pet! 


1. Save Money.

FleaMail cost less than your local pet store, and up to 50% cheaper than pet clinics.

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Our Vets plan for your pet’s age, weight, breed and location. Never over or under-dose.

3. Delivered Monthly.

Get started now for $10 and relax as our Vets and expert team manage it all for you.

Join thousands of Aussie pet owners better protecting their pets.

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How FleaMail works →

Comprehensive Flea, Tick & Worming to your door each month by Aussie Vets!

“When the blue package arrives, it’s treatment time. Brilliant”.

Ayla Watt, Angel-Paws animal rescue.