Meet Ramsey & Rylee.

Perhaps you know Ramsey and Rylee, the stunning staffies from their Insta page? @ramsey.and.rylee

But did you know they get their Flea, Tick & Worming delivered each month by Aussie Vets? That’s how they stay healthy and parasite-free!

A new flea, tick & worming subscription service.

1. Tell us about your cat, dog or both!
2. Our Vets tailor a plan just for them.
3. FleaMail arrives each month by mail.

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For Aussie pet owners.

“One less thing to worry about, purrrfect”. Cass C

“FleaMail is a life saver for my best mate”. Karl S

“No more forgetting my kitty’s prevention”. Ashlee F 

“A game changer for my family and pups”. Robert E 

For fur babies like Ramsey & Rylee!

More than easy and affordable – FleaMail is better.

Did you know that no single product in Australia can protect against all major nasties? At FleaMail, our Vets use a combination of leading Australian products to ensure your pets are comprehensively protected, all year round.

“A flea, tick & worming plan that covers all major Aussie parasites? That’s reason enough to wear some bow ties”! 

Ramsey & Rylee.

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