Puppyworld Staff.

Customer registration page.

Below you can add customer’s new pups – PLUS any pets they have at home if they like – all $5 first month.

Kittens and cats.
$5 first month then $18.99.

Pups and dogs under 20kg.
$5 first month then $21.99.

Dogs over 20kg.
$5 first month then $24.99.

Why FleaMail?

Coverage: FleaMail covers ALL major Aussie parasites including Fleas, Ticks (inc paralysis) and Worms including Heartworm. Puppy worming to 6-months is included for Free.

Costs: FleaMail is approx. 20% cheaper than pet stores, and 40% cheaper than most Vets – delivered monthly for Free.

Products used:

For dogs 
– Monthly: Easy to give Nexgard or Simparica liver chew for fleas, ticks and mites.
– Monthly: ValuHeart heartworming prevention.
– Quarterly: Cazitel for intestinal, tape, lungworms and giardia.

For cats
– Monthly: Advocate or Revolution for fleas, ear mites, mange, intestinal and heartworm.
– Quarterly: Popantel TapeWormer for tapeworm.

Any questions?

Once registered, all customers have Vet phone and email support with Dr Evan Shaw.

If you’ve any questions, please contact Adam, adam@fleamail.com.au or 0484 573 302.
There’s also more info in our FAQ’s if customers need it: https://fleamail.com.au/faqs/

Thank you team!!