The best for your bestie.

Below are the products our Vets use for cats and dogs, and why.

> For Aussie Dogs.

When it comes to parasite protection, there are 3 leading chews: Bravecto, Nexgard and Simparica. Our Vets choose Simparica as it covers more, including ear mites – the no.1 parasite for Vet visits (and highly stressful for dogs).

The FleaMail plan:

> Monthly: Simparica liver chew for fleas, ticks and mites.
> Monthly: ValuHeart heartworming prevention.
> Quarterly: Cazitel for intestinal, tape, lungworms and giardia.

Please note: We ask you for your dog’s medical history and our Vets will call you if there’s the tiniest concern.

For Aussie Cats.

When it comes to protecting your cat, there are two leading spot-ons in Australia, Advocate and Revolution – we offer both. We use spot-ons where possible because giving cats a tablet is like feeding wild tigers!

The FleaMail plan:

> Monthly: Advocate or Revolution for fleas, ear mites, mange, intestinal and heartworm.
> Quarterly: Popantel TapeWormer for tapeworm.

Please note: We ask you for your cat’s medical history and our Vets will call you if there’s the tiniest concern.

What’s inside a FleaMail pack?

Each month a blue envelope will arrive in your mail, addressed to your pet! Inside your first FleaMail are instructions and a handy fridge magnet. Every FleaMail is tailored to your pet’s age, weight, breed and location – so your pet has the best protection, puppy or kitten to their golden years!

If you’ve any questions, big or small, please feel free to email us on or join the live chat.