Like to partner up?

We’d love to work with you & protect Aussie pets together!

“After signing up to FleaMail, I found out about their partner program. It’s brilliant”!

Clodagh, owner of Instagram heartbreaker Rollo the Shiba. You can see Rollo in action here → #rolloshiba

How do I know if FleaMail is right for me?

Helping Aussie pets is our mission, so if you love animals too, we’re already half-way there!
Some people we currently partner with include: 

  • Aussie animal rescues, big and passionately small!
  • Vet clinics and other pet suppliers and professionals.
  • Instagram stars who love their furbabies.
  • Dog training schools and groomers.
  • Bloggers who love cats & dogs!

But even if you don’t work in these fields, please just get in touch, we’d love to chat!

What sort of revenue stream can I create?

We know the time, effort & energy it takes to make people take notice in today’s busy world.
That’s why a recurring-income stream matters – so you don’t have the constant pressure to get sales.

Here’s an example: 500 pets = $6,000 a year recurring, year two $12,000 etc. 

We can also help you with Banners, Voucher codes, Flyers etc, this makes getting set-up a breeze!

What next?

Simply get in touch with the FleaMail team below or on, thanks!