Help protect Aussie cats & dogs while creating a new revenue stream.

“After signing up to FleaMail, I found out about their partner program. We love it!”

Coldagh, owner of Insta heartbreaker Rollo the Shiba. You can check out Rollo in action here @rolloshiba

1. Why partner with FleaMail?

As Aussie Vets, we’re not very good at social media, in fact, we’re terrible at it! You however know your jams – and have the cutest pets on the planet in our opinion: )

Together we can help Aussie pet owners and the 46,000 domestic cats and dogs in Australia that are infected each year (and growing) with parasite-related diseases – all totally preventable!

2. What are the perks?

Getting that perfect pic or vid, interacting with your fans – it’s a lot of work we know! We genuinely respect your time so please let us know if the perks don’t add up for you.

The perks:

a) 6-months of FleaMail for Free! (continues if all goes well).
b) $1 per month for every sign-up, for as long as the pet is on FleaMail (recurring revenue).
d) 250 sign-ups is about $3k a year, which is compounding. Year 2 = $6K.

3. What we ask.

a) Monthly pic with the FleaMail envelope and your pet, creativity is up to you!
b) Use the #fleamail tags, along with your fav Aussie hashtags (FleaMail is all Australian).
c) Fun stories and videos if you love the service, we hope you do!

P.S. Here’s an example post:

4. Getting started.

Email Adam on or send us on Instagram message and we’ll send you a Free code to sign-up your pet, it’s that easy!

We hope to team up with you soon: )
The FleaMail team.