A better flea, tick & worming plan for your pets.

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Is your pet truly protected against parasites? 

Take 30 secs to see why thousands of Aussies are switching to FleaMail.

Have a pup or small dog?

Small dogs (under 20kg) are highly susceptible to parasites like mites and tapeworms. Yet, many brands don’t cover these common nasties – see table which includes price comparisons.

If you live anywhere near the coast, you should consider covering your pet asap to avoid stress, and expensive Vet visits.

Have a kitten or cat?

If your cat ever ventures outside, or is even an indoors cat, they can easily pickup fleas, mites and worms from raw meat or prey. See table across to see how your current protection compares (including costs). 

If you want to properly protect your kitty, consider FleaMail to avoid stress, and expensive Vet visits.

Have a large dog?

Larger dogs (over 20kg) are often outdoors, and therefor the most susceptible to all kinds of parasites, including mites and tapeworms that are not covered by many brands. See table across.

Large dog owners also love how FleaMail keeps costs down, with a 10% discount for 2 or more dogs.