Meet Achilles.

Perhaps you know Achilles, with the cutest little Corgi butt this side of Yorkshire? @thecorgiachilles

But did you know that he gets his Flea, Tick & Worming delivered each month by Aussie Vets? That’s how he stays healthy and parasite-free!

Flea, tick & worming by Aussie vets.

1. Tell us about your cat, dog or entire furbaby family!
2. Our Vets tailor a plan for their age, weight and more.
3. FleaMail arrives monthly by mail. Never forget again.

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Australia’s best protection.

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“No more forgetting my kitty’s prevention”. Ashlee F 

“A game changer for my family and pups”. Robert E 

Delivered monthly when due!

Superior Vet protection.

Did you know that no single parasite product can protect against all nasties? With FleaMail, you’ll get the perfect combination of leading Australian products to ensure your pets are comprehensively protected, all year round.

“Flea, tick & worming delivered each month? More time for wiggl’n my butt at the beach”! 


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